Crash Data Retrieval

Preserve Evidence

Car Crash Data

 Objective Data from the vehicle's Event Data Recorder (EDR): 

Pre-crash Speed


Seat Belt Usage


Throttle Position


*CDR may verify absence of crash event data

Evaluate Crash Dynamics

Event Data Recorder (EDR)

Liability, Forces of Impact, Mechanism of Injury

Used by:

Insurance Adjusters

Personal Injury Lawyers

Accident Investigators

Criminal Defense Attorneys

Fleet Managers


Flat Fee: $375*

Crash Data Retrieval

Receive CDR Report as pdf. file

*for vehicles covered by Bosch Diagnostics CDR

Limited to Data Retrieval via Diagnostic Link Connection with Intact Electrical System 

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Crash Data Forensics

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Crash Data Retrieval

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CDR via Diagnostic Link Connection upon acceptance of service request

Frequently Asked Questions

Crash Data Retrieval

What services does Crash Data Forensics offer?

We download Crash Data from the Event Data Recorders (EDR) in cars, SUVs, and light trucks and provide that data to clients in a PDF report.

What is an Event Data Recorder (EDR)?

EDRs are "Black Boxes" (usually part of the Airbag Control Module) installed to record information about what a vehicle did before, during, and right after a crash.

What information does an EDR record?

Pre-crash speed, braking, seatbelt usage, Delta-V (a measure of crash severity), and whether an airbag deploys may be recorded by an EDR. 

What vehicles have EDRs that can be downloaded by Crash Data Forensics?

LCrash Data Forensics can download data from any vehicle equipped with an EDR that’s compatible with the Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) system manufactured by BOSCH Diagnostics. (Vehicle Coverage List)

While the vast majority of cars, SUVs and light trucks that have “black boxes” are compatible with the Bosch Diagnostics CDR tool, a small percentage of EDRs are only accessible through the manufacturers’ proprietary systems.

Who owns the information on an EDR?

According to Washington state law, information on an EDR is the property of the vehicle owner and can only be retrieved with the owner’s consent or pursuant to a court order. RCW 46.35.030

Who uses Crash Data Retrieval services?

Investigators, accident reconstruction experts, personal injury attorneys, insurance claims representatives, fleet managers, criminal defense lawyers and parents of teenage drivers use Crash Data Retrieval to understand how an accident happened, to help determine fault, to verify crash forces and severity, and to document crash dynamics and mechanism of injury.